Newsletter September 2012

21 September 2012.

Members of the Indian National Node for NeuroInformatics (INNNI) of the International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility (INCF).

Dear colleagues,
        This is the second of the INNNI newsletters to keep you posted on national and international neuroinformatics developments.

1. Neuroinformatics congress updates
2. INCF updates
3. INNNI updates
4. Upcoming events

1. The Neuroinformatics Congress in Munich has just concluded. It was preceded by a short 2-day introductory course in neuroinformatics, organized for the first time by the INCF. A couple of Indian institutions were represented at the meeting, NBRC, and NCBS. Other India representation was by way of demos of the MOOSE software at the meeting, and a talk at the workshop on Systems Biology of the Neuron by yours truly.

2. INCF updates. There was a short half-day meeting of INCF member nodes at Munich, the afternoon before the Congress. There were two presentations on how interesting projects have come about through interactions between groups in multiple nodes. One of the recommendations of the meeting was for the INCF to host a web page for matchmaking between projects at different nodes and run by the INCF itself. In this way people having a big project could ask for participants, and people interested in participating in a particular topic could look for projects. I think this will be valuable in getting Indian groups involved in these international activities, and will keep you informed.

3. INNNI updates.
3a. The DBT has just approved the Initiative on NeuroInformatics and Computational Neuroscience Education, and I see that several of the INNNI members (Drs. Roy, Rangarajan, Manchanda, Mazumdar and Athale, and myself) are on the screening committee, in addition to Drs. Dey, Gupta and Govil of the DBT. We will hopefully meet sometime in early October to set up the programme, and the INNNI web page will soon start taking applications.
3b. I would also like to welcome another node member, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, Bangalore, represented by Dr. Arvind Kumar who is a noted computational neuroscientist shortly to join ICTS. I look forward to many interactions involving ICTS and other members of INNNI.
3c. On the INNNI web page you will already see a number of exciting projects whose images were contributed by node members. I encourage all of you to send similar short writeups and images to add to the project page:

4. Upcoming events.
4a. On 8 November we have the INNNNI annual meeting, following right after the INCF workshop on "Neuroinformatics of sensory-motor integration: modeling and imaging from the worm to the human nervous system." The INCF workshop is from 5-7 November. Sitabrha Sinha (MatSci, Chennai) and Srinivas Chakravarthy (IITM) are co-organizers, for details please see There is a stellar list of speakers and I hope to see all of you there.
4b. In addition, please note the Indian Academy of Neuroscience meeting in Amritsar from 28-30 October, and also the IBRO-UNESCO Inter-regional School on Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience during 5-21 December 2012, in Hyderabad.

Please keep me informed about relevant activities in your institutions and I will be glad to post such notices on the INNNI web page.


Best wishes,
        Upinder S. Bhalla