Initiative on Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience Education: Workshop and Collaboration Travel

The goal of this Initiative is to inspire young scientists and engineers from many disciplines to work in Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience, and thus to strengthen research capabilities and human resources in this emerging area.

The Initiative supports educational and research opportunities for young  scientists from around the country in the areas of NeuroInformatics and Computational Neuroscience. These applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

The INCNE programme details will be finalized in its first Committee meeting at the INCF/INNNI meeting in November 2012. Till then, provisional applications are being accepted but details may change as per decisions of the Committee meeting. Applicants will be notified if their applications need to be redone.

Travel Applications
There are three main categories of travel applications listed below:

Student travel to laboratories around India.
This scheme provides travel and residence costs to for students to visit  host laboratories around the country for attending courses and undertaking collaborative work. Applications to this scheme should be made by graduate students and postdocs.

Attending Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics courses and workshops
This scheme provides support for attending select computational neuroscience and Neuroinformatics courses and workshops in India and internationally. These would include the internationally recognized CSHL and Woods Hole courses, workshops conducted by the INCF, and the annual Indian workshops. Applications to this scheme should be made by graduate students and postdocs.

Seminar Series in Neuroinformatics.
Frequently international researchers attend a single meeting in India, and then just return. The Seminar Series in Neuroinformatics is designed to bring these researchers to other institutions in India as well. This scheme provides local (within India) travel and local hospitality support for international researchers visiting any of the node institutions, to  encourage them to travel to at least one other city and institution. There they are expected to present a research seminar. It is also highly encouraged that they use the opportunity to interact with young scientists, and engage in discussions for collaborative research. Applications for this scheme should be made by the host at the additional institution in India where the researcher is being invited to visit.

Workshop support
There is one further category of support under the INCNE. This is for Indian workshops and short courses in the area of Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience. These applications will be reviewed twice a year in a competitive manner as support is very limited.