Atlasing Workshop

To all INNNI node members: an Atlasing Workshop will take place at the INCF Secretariat, December 13 – 14, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the workshop will be increasing the usability of Waxholm Space (WHS), a coordinate-based reference space for registering and mapping mouse neuroanatomical data, developed by the INCF Program on Digital Atlasing. We would like to address specific examples of data registration and integration workflows and how they can be made easier and more user friendly. The goal is to make it possible to easily register a diverse range of data to the WHS and thereby integrate it with many different data sources.

The aims of this two-day workshop will be to assess the current state of the INCF Program on Digital Atlasing, determine what is needed to facilitate facile data registration to WHS, and identify large datasets that should be integrated into WHS which will define the application scope of WHS. A report will be generated from the proceedings of the workshop, which will make specific recommendations on how to increase the usability of WHS in terms of data registration and application scope.